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TK6916 CNC Floor boring machine



1. Spindle
  Diameter of boring spindle                                 Φ160mm
Diameter of milling spindle                                   Φ280mm
  Taper hole of boring spindle                                Metric 80
Rotational speed of boring and milling spindle (stepless)     2~650r/min
  Feed range of boring spindle (stepless)                    0.5~3000mm/min
  Rapid speed of boring spindle                              3000mm/min
Maximum axial travel of boring spindle                      1200mm
  Maximum diameter of boring hole                           Φ750mm
2. Square ram
  End surface size                                             440×440mm
  Feed range (stepless)                                        0.5~3000mm/min
  Maximum axial travel                                        800mm
  Rapid speed                                                   3000mm/min
3. Headstock
  Maximum vertical travel (Y axis)                             3000mm
  Feed range (stepless)                                        1~3000mm/min
Rapid speed                                                    3000mm/min
4. Front column
Maximum horizontal travel (X axis)                            6000mm
Feed range (stepless)                                         1~4000mm/min
Rapid speed                                                   6000mm/min
5. Platform
Dimension of platform                                         4500×1800×400
Area (length ×width)                                          3600×4500mm
Maximum loading capacity                                      15t/㎡
6. Overall dimension of the machine
(length × width × height)                                  10200×8802×7000mm
7. Overall weight                                            85t
This machine is applies to the coarse and fine processing as well as drilling and reaming processing of surface and hole for large, heavy and over heavy complex components. It is suitable for general machinery manufacturing industry, especially for single pieces and small batch production of high precision and complex components. It has features of reducing manufacture number of process equipment and shortening production preparation period. The machine can complete the processing of milling, boring, turning, drilling and hole boring only in condition that workpiece is prepared on machine. This machine uses circular interpolation process (x, y coordinate axes) as well as small diameter milling cutter which can process any plane curve type surface. The adoption contouring control method for milling of inclined plane, square plane and big hole end plane narrowed operating space, improved production efficiency and relieve labor intensity. This machine is equipped with high precision rotary work table and square-edge milling head and other functional components which can complete the processing of pentahedron.