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Gear cutting machine tool industry the world to promote green environmental protection
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Gear cutting machine tool industry the world to promote green environmental protection

    Gear cutting machine tool is a kind of high technical content and layout is messy, and wind power is unique with car industry professional high-speed developed, and the increasing demand of gear of add, the quality of the gear processing power, and the processing is higher and higher capital requirements, make the gear machine tools in the car, wind power and other professional occupies more and more important position.

    Gear cutting machine tool first divided into cylindrical gear machine tools and bevel gear machine two broad categories.Cylindrical gear machine is first used for processing all kinds of cylindrical gear, rack, worm gear.Commonly used withGear hobbing machine, slotting machine, gear milling machine, shaving machine, etc.In the industrial development in the last two years, the concept of green environmental protection is more and more.

    Green was sponsored by the society as a whole are a thesis in any profession, in seeking benefits together should give first priority to the green.Green paint, of course, much more than the advantages of the environmental protection, can also greatly advance machine tools and machining of yield power, falling capital.

    In recent years, the world famous gear cutting machine tool makers will have the green characteristics of gear machine tool as the important direction of product development, the primary product characteristics of CNC, high efficient, green purification and protective, unique of high-speed dry gear machine tools on the green machine tool will gradually become the main stream.

    Gear machine high speed dry cutting can not only cut cost and cooling of cutting fluid disposal, and can prevent the formation of pollution to the environment, can also produce progress power, falling piece of gear system form.

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