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The characteristics of the direct drive nc hobbing machine
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Direct drive ncGear hobbing machineThe characteristics of

    1, high speed

    Direct drive nc hobbing machine spindle speed depends on the speed of the bearing, in practice, has reached 4500 RPM;The table speed can also be more than 300 RPM.High speed to the generation of high-speed functions of gear cutting tools now comfortable to play out, and then obtain high yield power.using“Speedcore”And carbide hob linear velocity can reach 300 m/min, progress 10 times more power than the traditional gear hobbing machines.

    2, high precision

    Because the tooth and the differential movement took full closed loop control and selection of electronic gear box, gear precision can reach level 4 or higher.In practice, the machining precision of gear hob and the precision of workpiece clamping constraint, and the accuracy of machine tool is no longer affect the machining accuracy of elements.Produce practice, under the condition of reasonable clamping and cooling, at the time of high speed cutting, can get safe level 6 of the machining accuracy.

    3, dry cutting processing

    Because zero transmission of machine tool movement stability and active DaoGong use, makes a direct-drive type hobbing machine becomes the most suitable for high speed dry cutting hob processing machine tool.Purely mechanical drive or drive chain longer gear hobbing machine is not suitable for high speed dry cutting gear hobbing machining, because of the mechanical transmission chain transmission errors constitute the oscillation in the process of hobbing machining, and the oscillation of high-speed dry cutting, hard brittle texture of cutting tool materials is killed, the influence of oscillation form abnormal wear of the blade, cutting tool will soon lose the tooth profile accuracy.

    4, hard tooth surface processing

    The same reason, direct drive nc hobbing machine can undertake high speed roll cutting machining of hardened gear, gear hardness can reach HRC62.

    5, the progress tool life spans

    Production practice indicated that applying a direct-drive type CNC gear hobbing machine, under the condition of high speed machining, the tool life spans 10 times than general gear hobbing machine progress.

    6, modular

    Direct drive nc hobbing machine on the layout of the contact of each part is very short, easy to modular, can constitute the diversity of products.

    7, very suitable for milling.

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