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The add function of direct-drive type CNC gear hobbing machine
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    Direct drive ncGear hobbing machineAdditional features

    Used in the numerical control system of the supply channels, direct drive nc hobbing machine can open announced additional functions.

    CNC direct-drive CNC gear hobbing machine has the following functions:

    1) zero programming interface

    YK31xxCNC6Z series CNC efficient direct-drive CNC gear hobbing machine to supply users with a parameterized interface, the user depending on the artifact can choose cylindrical gear, bevel gear, worm gear, drum gear machining procedure, type, workpiece cutting tools, technical parameters and the number of feed, system will take the initiative to generate machining program, does not require any programming instructions.

    2) tool to deal with system

    Uniform channeling knife is progress and quantity of the cutting tool life and cutting grinding grinding number of important technique.In cutting tools for system, to set up big step away from darting knife, small knife, circulating darting three knife knife form, and we can set up knife number in advance.When channeling knife number to book value, machine downtime, prompt the operator to check the tool or replace.On different cutting tools, machine tool can record tool using the number of times, in the second use of the tool machine to take the initiative to move the knife to not use some of the homework.

    3) the adaptability of machine tool

    When cutting force increases to must be in the process of processing degree after machine will take the initiative to cut feeding speed, to avoid the report to the police car parking.This function in rough machining hardness uneven useful information.

    4) anticollision function

    Machine tools in the input cutter diameter and workpiece diameter and enable the anti-collision function, can avoid program fault formation of the hob and artifacts of crash.

    5)More than function for processing

    On a machine tool can complete a clamping processing multigang gear chamfering or;Or choose single points to choose forming milling cutter milling tooth, or choose accessories processing is no empty slot head of herringbone gear;Using the forming tool to process end tooth plate.

    6)Cutting technology expert system

    Set up the database within the system, supply to operating personnel by optimizing the cutting parameters.

    7)Timing gear hobbing

    Can make processing according to demand of alveolar and insist on other elements must be of position on the gear contact;Can also be in the second processing to make hob tooth surface and tooth is uniform and making allowance.

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